back to school

Now, I don’t have kids, but I have a big family with lots of cousins.  Two of my cousins are a big part of my life.  They were the junior bridesmaid and flower girl in my wedding.  Kate will be starting fifth grade (!!!!!) this year and Hailie will be in first.

I’m the kind of girl who walks through the girl’s clothes section, husband in tow, saying “wouldn’t this look cute on Kate?”  “oh my gosh, this was made for Hailie” and other assorted things.  I want to dress them so much that I even dedicated an entire pinterest board to it.  Not that they’ll ever be wearing what I pin, but…well, it keeps me entertained.

That’s them.  Aren’t they insanely cute?!  (lucky for them, it runs in the family.)  Now, onto some fashion for back to school!

Hailie is very fun, imaginative and can be quite a handful.  What six year old isn’t, right?  I see her in bright colors and goofy graphic tees to show off her personality. (She may not get the dino-mite tee, but it’s fun for adults.  Don’t tell me you don’t hear JJ saying it in your head.)

Kate on the other hand, well…she’s like me.  She’s sensitive, funny and adorable.  She’s starting to experience that adolescent stage where nothing about her seems right.  You remember when adults used to tell you “don’t worry, those people don’t matter” and you were like great advice, how is that supposed to help me?  I’m in the same situation right now with this kiddo.  She’s very aware now that how she looks is a big deal to others and as much as I want to shield her from it all, we all have come out on the other side to see things clearer.  I hope she will too.

Well, that just went in a totally different direction.  On with the fashion!

Enjoy back to school shopping, kids!  One day you’ll find yourself in the school supply aisle, longing for a couple of new folders and notebooks, trust me.  (especially ones that make sure that everyone knows that you’re on Team Peeta!)

Hailie: Mini Bodem Multi Crayon applique tee, glitter flower headband, Goodnight Nora chiffon flutter dress, playdate skirt in sherbert stripe, Mini Bodem printed skirt, mustache jumper, ballet flat, short sleeved tee dino-mite, exclamation tee in stripe, glitter macalister boots in salmon pink, long sleeve fashion tee, skinny dot jeans, pan flute tee

Kate: Icon embroidered sweater, dsigned sleeveless tank, sequin embellished skinny jeans, dsigned sleeveless lace dress, metallic leather ballet flats, lovewell perfect tee, rhinestone sweater, sperry top sider boat shoes, jewel box embellished skinny jeans, dyed denim mini, dot oxfords, sequin pocket t, peace pendant necklace, tulle skirt, grosgrain stripe ballet flats


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