Over the Labor Day weekend, my hubs and I decided it was time we get a dog.  Finally!  I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!  I’ve grown up with dogs so it was really weird not to have one with us.
We headed to Paws, a great shelter in Chicago where you can adopt a dog (or cat).  We walked around the shelter looking at the dogs and narrowed it down to the top 3.  Three became four.  The last dog we saw was clearly my husband’s favorite.  He was smiling like a goofball.  It was so cute that we ended up taking home a ten month old puppy who they called Venus.
On the way home, we were discussing names.  We went back and forth until I said something from Oklahoma since that’s where she is from originally.  I said the only name I could think of was Taylor (as in Hanson) since they’re from Tulsa.  (Nerd alert!)  RP looked at me and excitedly said that he loved it and the rest is history!

Meet our new girl, Taylor! 🙂


PS, happy 1.5 year anniversary to RP! ❤


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