dining area madness

For those of you who don’t know, my husband & I moved into a new place at the end of July. A place that allows us to paint, have a dog and doesn’t make us stare at a brick wall from our window. Yay all around, right? Absolutely.

While our living room is I’d say about 75% done (just needing accessories like pillows and desk stuff as well as end tables and lamps…we’re waiting for the puppy to stop chewing for those last two.), our dining area is begging to have more things done to it. We have a table with chairs and an accent wall painted in this amazing color. We bought a nice chrome dinette because I just love vintage kitchens.

Once we moved in, I quickly started a pinterest board for our new place.  (naturally.)  I held off until we settled in a bit so I could research paint color and palettes.   Here are a few inspirations for the dining area:

So that icky red orange on the chairs just wasn’t working.  Luckily, my mother in law said that she would reupholster them for us.  I finally made a decision, after about a month and half of having the table.  (I told you, finally!)  I decided that I wanted the chairs to be white & yellow.  Here are the yellows that we are going to order samples for:

yellow, sun yellow & lemon peel

I’m thinking about bringing a few accent colors into the mix of the palette we have going right now of tuqouise, yellow & white.  Pink, coral…maybe even an apple or lime green.  I’m thinking about bringing any of those colors into the small area through using some cute kitschy curtains.  We need something to cover up the a/c window units that are there year around!  I definitely can’t keep my cute neon orange new kids on the block lunchbox in front of it forever. (even though I totally would, much to my mother’s dismay. She definitely did not approve of that centerpiece.  I have a feeling few would.)

We’ll talk curtains next time, though.  Until then, you can always follow me on pinterest! 🙂


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