Dining area madness: curtains

Last time I was trying to decide between three shades of yellow for the chairs to be reupholstered.  I finally made a decision and decided on yellow.  The samples really helped.  That lemon peel was just plain ugly in person!

So now I’m free to think about curtains (and obsess over ideas for gallery walls).  I love the idea of bright & kitschy curtains, the tiered kind because we have an a/c unit in our window year around and I really don’t like staring at the cover, or the unit for that matter.

Not so old fashioned and country like that though.  Not that there’s anything wrong with old fashioned and country.  🙂

My mother-in-law said that making curtains would be easy, especially since we have only one window so I’m focusing on looking for fabric instead of ready made curtains.  I love to search tonic living and spoonflower because they have some amazing fabrics to choose from.  They’re fun, modern and have something for everyone.
So here are some of my favorites…

I love chevron but I struggle with how trendy it is. I’m not one who goes for trends but it bugs me that sooner or later it will be “out” thus making me feel like I need to update them sooner than I really want to. (which would really be until we move into another place.)

As you can see, there are lots of kitschy prints out there to confuse me.  The talent of people never ceases to amaze me.  Thank you for making beautiful things and making it possible for me to be confused by such lovely things like ice cream cone fabric.

Which one is your favorite?  Feel free to let me know…or if you think I’m totally crazy (and by crazy, I mean cute) for thinking these would work in a grown up home.


3 thoughts on “Dining area madness: curtains

  1. I really like both of the yellow and white check prints! It’s bright, fun, a little quirky, and not so unique or trendy that it would feel out of date any time soon. I have decided that our new kitchen is white, gray, and whatever-the-hell-else-I-feel-like…all my prints have different colors! So we can compare fun kitchen notes. 🙂 ALSO…I’m planning on doing faux no-sew roman blinds for our living room (opens to the kitchen); have you seen those?

    • I have! Those will be a fun way to bring in whatever color(s) you want into the kitchen! Especially with a ton of fun fabrics being available thanks to the glorious internet. Can’t wait to compare notes! 🙂

  2. i like the chevron but i understand your dilemma. i’m a big gingham fan, but i know the chairs are already yellow and you want to incorporate different colors. i also like the tv pattern, the ice-cream-with-faces pattern and the tea cup pattern. so, i’m confused with you, but i’m sure you’ll figure out what’s best.

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