friday things

TGIF, you guys! I’m still working out how these Friday posts are going to go but I’m going to try my best to make sure they are posted regularly and full of fun things.

1. Washi tape.

Ever since I saw that post about livening up your light switches with washi tape, I’ve renewed my love for all things washi.   Using it to decorate things like clothes pins or for wrapping gifts.  Guys…I’m obsessed.

2. the ipad.

So, my husband & I were discussing hockey season (something he absolutely loves and I…well, I don’t like it) and somehow we concluded that while he’s watching games, I need an ipad.  Um, ok!  I’m down.  We’re talking about getting one after Christmas but I don’t think we’ll last that long.

I wanted a black one but now I’m kinda feeling the white one.  If you have an ipad, what are some of your favorite, cannot live without apps?  I.cannot.wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. shopping…for Christmas

I know it’s before Halloween but I’m one of those crazies who starts listening to Christmas music in September.  This year I decided I wanted to spread out the Christmas spending, so while I’ve been sick this past week I have bought 2 things for my husband, a couple of books for the kids on our list.  I’m on my way to ripping my hair out because I have no idea what to get for my cousin who has recently decided she’s grown up (at age 11) and became a tomboy almost over night.  HELP!

4. my hair.

It’s high time to get my butt to the salon.  (ok, it’s past high time.)   I’m still rocking what’s left of my pink highlights but my hair has grown out to look a bit weird.  (bless my husband who just doesn’t care and thinks it always looks nice.)  I’m not really concerned about the cut but the color.  I recently thought about going dark  again but with a kick of my favorite, red.  Here’s what I’m thinking…


I’m pretty excited to go dark again.  Do you have any plans to go dark and embrace this fall weather?

5. travel

I am just positively itching to go on a vacation.  Probably because I’ve spent the better part of the past 2 months with our new dog.  Training a puppy is hard work, y’all.  Good thing that she is cute.

I think if I could go anywhere right now in the US, I’d go to Boston or DC.  We went to Boston last winter for a few days to see my sister-in-law in her law competition and we fell in love.  (truth be told though, I already knew I loved it because how could not love the place that birthed the New Kids?!)

can I live in Beacon Hill please??

As for DC, I’ve wanted to go again for the past few years but this video from John Green really renewed spark.  (and I really want to see one of Mr. Rogers’ sweaters!)

Anyone wanna hop on a southwest flight with me to Boston or DC? 🙂


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