friday things

How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you’re off of work today, still rolling around with a full & happy tummy. 1. On Sunday last week, my husband stopped at La Fournette, a French bakery. to get some bread since I’m majorly addicted to anything and everything to do with bread.  Oh boy this bread…it’s so […]


Here’s hoping you find yourself this Thanksgiving in a home full of love, good food and family!  Too often, we get caught up in being thankful only this time of year.  Let’s start being thankful all year long for the small things, the big things.  (and baking pumpkin related things at least once a month!) […]

Friday’s five: baking edition

Yesterday I found out from my mom that I need to bake a few things, for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving part 2 (or fake thanksgiving, as my brother and I have been known to call it).  Now I’m in what in the world do I bake?! mode.  The cookies and brownies I made for RP’s family’s […]

friday things

1. My hair is changed now, officially and I’m still in love.  The first day or so it was strange because I hadn’t had darker hair in a lloonnnnnggggg time but I love it.  I don’t think I’m going to let it get back to my natural color (whatever that is) for a while. That’s […]

happy voting day

I know, I know…you’re sick of politics. I won’t keep you long though, promise. I just want you to know that you need to vote.  For me, I feel disrespectful if I don’t.  Disrespectful to the women who fought hard for my right to do so.  I feel like I couldn’t look my grandpa in […]

jennifer’s friday things

As you can see, we’re still working on a title for these Friday posts.  Humor me, ok?  I’d appreciate it. 1. This weekend we’re making our way up to RP’s home state of Michigan.  Not only are we going up for an early Thanksgiving but we’re going to see RP’s little sister be sworn in […]