friday things

How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you’re off of work today, still rolling around with a full & happy tummy.

1. On Sunday last week, my husband stopped at La Fournette, a French bakery. to get some bread since I’m majorly addicted to anything and everything to do with bread.  Oh boy this bread…it’s so good that I think he’s going to have to make it a weekly stop.  (of course, I’d love a caramel macaroon as well, please.) 🙂

2.  My friend loves Vegas.  She’s not much of a gambler but I guess it’s all the glitz Las Vegas is known for.  My husband wants to visit as well, but I went there once and I could be completely ok with never going again.  That was until I saw this room was available at the Palms:

A Barbie suite!!!  My inner child was totally thrilled.  I’m sure that this suite is COMPLETELY out of our price range but…it’s nice to dream.

3. It’s always fun to think about having a big closet and when I saw this on pinterest, I wanted one even more.

A huge and timeless photo in black and white of a style icon.  Obviously, this one is Diana Ross but I think mine would feature Sarah Jessica Parker.  I just love that woman.  Who would you have hanging in your closet as your ultimate style inspiration?

4.  I’ve decided this year that I want to make our gift tags (and by that I mean, I decided yesterday).  I need to head over to Paper Source soon to get started.  Until then, I’m looking for inspiration.  Have you seen anything cute on your favorite blogs?

5.  San Diego.  That is all.


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