Friday five

This Friday five is coming at you from my new iPad! I’m just so darned excited! Before we go any further, please let me know some of you’re favorite apps. I need to stop geeking out over family feud and food network. (I have restaurants lined up to visit for vacations we don’t plan on taking for at least 2 years.)

1. iPad, iPad, iPad. I’m totally obsessed. It even made RP leave later than usual for work today…because he was setting reminders for me. (Thank you.)

2. We are finally almost done Christmas shopping! I finally found some darned pink yoga pants.  I had to make a trip to the mall to find that I should have done so all along because there was just a wall dedicated to what I needed to buy.  Regular length small is totally impossible to find online, unless you don’t care that they won’t be shipped until March.  I don’t think that counts as a Christmas gift if it’s received in March.


3.  Speaking of gifts, now comes the hard part: wrapping.  Neither of us are really good at it, but I’m good with ribbon, so I try to fix it up that way.  As much as I’d love to have a lovely and perfectly wrapped present to give, let’s be honest: they’re tearing off the paper anyway, right?  Now, if we’re talking about using empty boxes for decor…well, then I just need my mom.

4.  So, the end of the world is next week…how are you guys spending it?  I’m going to my parents house with RP & Taylor to spend some time with them and then my friends and I are having our gift exchange.  End of the world=presents!!!!!  (obviously.)

5.  Speaking of cute puppy Taylor, she’s made our Christmas card a huge hit!  Yesterday we even received a card addressed to us and her!  We tried to explain but she didn’t really understand. 🙂

taylor card


2 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. i’d been meaning to ask you to see our christmas card again because i had been focusing too much on writing on the back of them and not been admiring the front of them enough. so i’m glad you posted a picture of it. 🙂

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