happy 2013!

I saw this free printable of goals for the home on the inspired room.  Good idea, right?  Maybe if I admit these to others, it will hold me to my goals for our home this year and help me reach them.  Well, here’s hoping!

One word for my home in 2013


The room I want to focus on most this year

all of them? If I have to choose, I’d say the living room or the hallway/dining area.

4 projects I’d like to work on

1. gallery wall

2. dining area curtains

3. organizing/styling the desk (and area around it)

4. adding furniture to living room to finally get rid of those last boxes

4 areas I’d like to organize

1. bedroom

2. desk area

3. closets (all 3 of them!)

4. bathroom

Traditions or memories I want to make in our home

I’d like to have more people over, that’s for sure.  I’d love to host a laid back holiday here with a few people.  Hmm.

The one project I will complete this year

gallery wall.

What are your goals this year, for your home or otherwise?


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