friday five

Personally, I’ve always considered 13 a lucky number.  Not that it’s ever brought me luck or anything, so maybe I should say that it’s a favorite number.  Taylor Swift style.

Seriously, if it were appropriate at my age to have a big 13 on my hand in magic marker, I probably would have a faded one on my hand right now.

I just feel like ’13 is going to be a good one.  Not just for me, but for all of us.  For America.  For everywhere in the world.  I’m not an optimist by an stretch either.  I just have a good feeling.

1. My brother was just in Florida to visit a friend and he brought back some belated Christmas gifts for me.  Anyone knows that you can find the super nerdy stuff you need down in FLA!  (Between Walt Disney World and Universal which houses superheroes & Harry Potter, it’s just nerd heaven.)  So what did my brother bring back for me?

Not Ron Weasley, but his wand.  I’m not ashamed to admit that it makes me happier than it probably should.  (oh well!!)

2.  Speaking of my brother, it’s becoming more of a reality that he’s going to be moving to Florida so that makes me a tad bit depressed.  I asked RP to get me a cupcake from my favorite cupcake place in Chicago, Molly’s, on Wednesday and the yumminess that followed just ensured this place is the best cupcake place anywhere.  Anywhere.  If you live in Chicago or are visiting, run don’t walk to Molly’s.  Seriously.  Once you get there, you’ll understand, believe me. (ps, how cute is their logo?!)

3. I’ve been thinking about this lately and I’m wondering if you’ve noticed the rise in popularity in British men?  Seriously.  I can’t turn around without hearing about how amazing  Sherlock is (which I started watching with RP a few nights ago…it is pretty awesome).  Ladies fighting over which Doctor is the hottest (um, 10. no contest.).  Not that I mind though…have you seen Tom Hiddleston?!

4. So while I’m pondering the popularity of British men, RP will be celebrating the end of the NHL lock out by spending as much time as possible with Pavel, Henrik, Dan, Valtteri, Johan, Todd, Jimmy, etc.  (aka the red wings. GO DETROIT!)

May this be the year for both of our teams, RP! 🙂

5.  In case you’re wondering how I’m doing on my home goals for 2013, so far I’ve gone through one of our closets.  I’m currently obsessing about the bathroom now because I decided I don’t want our toothbrushes hanging out in the old cabinet so of course a new toothbrush holder means I need to finally get a shower curtain up and maybe put some art in the room.  New toothbrush holders always mean overhaul on the entire bathroom.


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