pretty Christmas paper

I’m sure everyone is finished talking about Christmas because it’s really officially over and knowing that just makes most people sad.  I know it makes me sad.  I *love* Christmas. My mom and I were talking about missing the glow around the house.  I’m seriously looking for ways to keep it year around that doesn’t make it look like we live in a dorm so if you see any ideas, please send them my way!

I had plans to make so many cookies that I was determined to give them to some people we knew but weren’t exchanging gifts with.  That’s where my friend, Nic Hance came in to help make those things pretty.  I wanted some tags to put on them but knew I couldn’t do them myself so she generously made some for me!  People, they were awesome and everyone loved them.  Here they are in action on the box of cookies we gave to one of the doormen:

christmas tags

Not only did she make one that said what I wanted on it, she made another with the clever idea my smart husband came up with, Santa’s leftovers.  They even featured the color pink because I love it.  And polar bears!  She really went above and beyond because she really is truly awesome like that. 🙂  I am thankful that the wonders of twitter introduced us to one another.



The quality is great and everyone just loved how cute they were.  If you need anything designed, whether it’s tags, invites or art for your place, I encourage you to check out Nic’s  shop on etsy.  Right now.  Nic is a hard worker and strives to make something great out of everything she is involved in.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise.



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