five on friday

I really need to settle on a title for these posts. 🙂

1. I decided it’s finally time to get some new glasses.  I’m still in love with the pair I have, but I want to be able to switch it up.  So I ordered frames from Warby Parker, Rivet & Sway and Fetch Eyewear.  I got the Warby Parker frames yesterday and it was 0/4. I was so bummed.  I like 2 pairs from Rivet & Sway though, so that’s promising!

2. I am in love with Tucker Pup’s.  If you have a dog in Chicago and need some day care, please take them there.  After you drop them off, make sure you swing by Harpo Studios and say hello to Oprah like I did.  (Oprah, I love your next chapter but…I still miss your show.)


3. After you’re done wiping a few tears over the Oprah Winfrey show, head down the street to Little Goat.  They have an entire menu dedicated to bread.  This Polish girl has got to have her bread, so it’s all very exciting.  We’ve gotten a loaf of the tortone bread and liked it a lot.  Who can say no to bread that has mashed potatoes in it?!  (Ok, I know you should say no, but can you?)

4. Have you watched 30 Rock yet?  No spoilers, I promise!  I totally cried though.   My husband (who doesn’t normally watch the show) kept asking me throughout the episode what was going on.  Oh, I will miss you 30 rock. Especially you, Kenneth.

5. Snow is accumulating in Chicago for about the second time this winter.  It’s pretty watching it fall from the inside but Taylor likes it better when we’re outside.

snowy tay


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