pretty paper

As of late, I’ve really fell in love with pretty paper design. If you follow me on pinterest, you may have noticed that I’m pinning a lot of pretty paper.   It was only a matter of time…I was a student of words, after all.  I love writing and sending thank you notes. I like sending notes for no reason at all. Just last week I put a note full of quotes in the mail for my sister in law because I know she enjoys them.  Typing this up makes me think of people I want to write notes to.  Focus, Jen, focus!

I have been buying Papyrus cards for nearly every occasion for the past few years but I’m starting to branch out and buy from small and local businesses.  I still love and buy papyrus.  I love their decorated envelopes, bright colors and envelope liners.  Who could say no to this??

I’ve been frequenting Paper Source…seriously, I could spend all day in that place but I don’t think the people working there would think that I was a normal person if I did so.  I got this one for one of my best friends for his birthday this year.  He’s not a beer drinker most of the time, only when he goes to a certain German restaurant.  Good memories, so I thought this was perfect.

Onto the local and small shops…

My husband hit this place first and told me that I just had to go because it had me all written over it.  He did a good job.  I totally love Greer.   It’s a small place and the card selection isn’t huge, but what they have is quality that’s for sure.  I bought my brother a cool card from the social type.  Simple, pretty but still masculine and fun.  Here’s one of my favorites (but not the one I bought for my brother):

In the area, I also dig pulp & ink as well as All She Wrote.  (just one of the reasons I like the latter is because the name of the shop reminds me of Murder She Wrote.  I used to watch that with my grandpa all the time.  That and that show where the dad from Happy Days was a priest.  Was that just me?)

We all know and love sugar paper.  With good reason!  Paper Doll, Smitten Boutique & Noteworthy Notes in Chicago all carry them.  Next shops on my list!!

I could go on and on about my love for paper.  Maybe we’ll come back to it another day.  Any designers you love and think I should know about?  Let me know!  I’m obviously always looking for new paper to drool over!


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