the list: girlie

Makeup products.  Fun, daring, mysterious and just so darn many so how do you choose?  It’s never easy but it’s always fun to find a new favorite on accident, you know?

the list girlie

Funny story…I own the first product listed.  I got it for Christmas last year from my sister in law.  It was one of those gifts that got passed around to all the women in attendance.  And of course, everyone wanted to know the name of the product so they could go look for it.  Usually that wouldn’t be a problem but when a blush is called “super orgasm”, it just makes you squirm.

Nars blush, sephora//Diorshow waterproof mascara, sephora//L’oreal color riche balm, ulta//eyeshadow, mac//mentha lip tint, bath & body works//algenist moisturizer, sephora//daisy perfume rollerball, sephora//urban decay the fun palette, sephora//essie nail polish//you rebel tinted moisturizer, benefit

If you want the perfect gift for someone who just loves their makeup, you can’t go wrong with birchbox.  It’s a great way to try new things without heading to the stores and just staring at products.


friday things

How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you’re off of work today, still rolling around with a full & happy tummy.

1. On Sunday last week, my husband stopped at La Fournette, a French bakery. to get some bread since I’m majorly addicted to anything and everything to do with bread.  Oh boy this bread…it’s so good that I think he’s going to have to make it a weekly stop.  (of course, I’d love a caramel macaroon as well, please.) 🙂

2.  My friend loves Vegas.  She’s not much of a gambler but I guess it’s all the glitz Las Vegas is known for.  My husband wants to visit as well, but I went there once and I could be completely ok with never going again.  That was until I saw this room was available at the Palms:

A Barbie suite!!!  My inner child was totally thrilled.  I’m sure that this suite is COMPLETELY out of our price range but…it’s nice to dream.

3. It’s always fun to think about having a big closet and when I saw this on pinterest, I wanted one even more.

A huge and timeless photo in black and white of a style icon.  Obviously, this one is Diana Ross but I think mine would feature Sarah Jessica Parker.  I just love that woman.  Who would you have hanging in your closet as your ultimate style inspiration?

4.  I’ve decided this year that I want to make our gift tags (and by that I mean, I decided yesterday).  I need to head over to Paper Source soon to get started.  Until then, I’m looking for inspiration.  Have you seen anything cute on your favorite blogs?

5.  San Diego.  That is all.


Here’s hoping you find yourself this Thanksgiving in a home full of love, good food and family!  Too often, we get caught up in being thankful only this time of year.  Let’s start being thankful all year long for the small things, the big things.  (and baking pumpkin related things at least once a month!)


What am I thankful for?  RP.  Taylor.  My family & friends.  Our place where we live.  Pumpkin & chocolate anything.  James Taylor.  The prospect of new adventures.  Typography.  Sparkly things.  RP’s grandpa kicking cancer’s butt.  For my gram because I learned so much about family from her. Love.


Happy Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?

Friday’s five: baking edition

Yesterday I found out from my mom that I need to bake a few things, for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving part 2 (or fake thanksgiving, as my brother and I have been known to call it).  Now I’m in what in the world do I bake?! mode.  The cookies and brownies I made for RP’s family’s early turkey day were a hit.  Do I make that or something else?  I need a total of 3 things…what would you vote for?

1. Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies

2. Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars

3. Pumpkin Brownies

4. Pretzel Bottomed Banana Bread Cupcakes

5.  Fudge Striped Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cookies (my favorite this season, apparently.)

What makes your mouth water the most?

friday things

1. My hair is changed now, officially and I’m still in love.  The first day or so it was strange because I hadn’t had darker hair in a lloonnnnnggggg time but I love it.  I don’t think I’m going to let it get back to my natural color (whatever that is) for a while.

That’s me in Detroit.  In the background is Canada.  (Also, you can’t see it but I kept some pink from summer. yay!!!!)

2. If you follow me on pinterest, you know that right now I’m totally & completely obsessed with gathering ideas for a frame that will be included in our gallery wall.  One frame I’m reserving for lots & lots of typography.  Thank goodness for etsy!!!

3. RP & I were very worried that we weren’t going to be able to put up a tree this year because of the puppy.  That was until I saw this:

That’s right.  This year, our tree is going in the bedroom!  I’ve decided it’s going to be awesome. 🙂

4.  This is the first year I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo (or national novel writing month) in two years and it’s really weird for me.  I mean, the first year I did it I was 4 months away from our wedding, had our wedding shower and went to both Michigan & Florida but somehow I wrote a 50,000 word novel.  I’m trying to do some writing for me currently, to get back into the swing of things.  It’s just weird for me to try to do so at a desk.   I just work so much better laying in bed.  (don’t laugh, it’s true!)  Ipad get here soon please! 🙂

5.  In the stress of the election results on Tuesday, I decided that as cute as Anderson Cooper is, I couldn’t just sit there so I made cookies waiting for Florida results to come in.  (PS, we’re STILL waiting FL, only three days later.)  Then I proceeded to stay up until one in the morning.  Did you stay up late for the speeches too, or was I the only crazy one?

Chelsea Clinton must be so jealous that she was probably the last first kid to have an awkward period.  (am I right? No one has those weird awkward stages anymore!)

happy voting day

I know, I know…you’re sick of politics.

I won’t keep you long though, promise.

I just want you to know that you need to vote.  For me, I feel disrespectful if I don’t.  Disrespectful to the women who fought hard for my right to do so.  I feel like I couldn’t look my grandpa in the eye if I didn’t vote.  He saw what happened in 1941 and lied about his age to get into the navy.  He was 16 years old, seeing things that haunt and follow him to this very day.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I don’t like disrespecting elders or people who fought for my right to vote.

I urge you to vote today, no matter who you are voting for.  Know that you and you alone make the decision who to vote for.  No one can change your mind but you.  Take your facts with you to the polls and whatever you do, vote to help make this country better for everyone.


jennifer’s friday things

As you can see, we’re still working on a title for these Friday posts.  Humor me, ok?  I’d appreciate it.

1. This weekend we’re making our way up to RP’s home state of Michigan.  Not only are we going up for an early Thanksgiving but we’re going to see RP’s little sister be sworn in the court as an official attorney!    For early Thanksgiving I will be baking, the only thing I really know how to do in a kitchen other than take things out of the refrigerator and watch others cook.  I’m making fudge striped pumpkin peanut butter cookie (which sounds so intriguing that I couldn’t pass it up) & pumpkin swirl brownie bites.  (I have a thing for pumpkin and so does my mother-in-law.)


2. Halloween happiness.

It just doesn’t get any better than your friend’s baby dressed up as Carl Fredrickson from Up.

3. Now that Halloween is over, I can say that I’m listening to Christmas music without judgement.  (ok, with a little less judgement.)  Nothing makes me happier than “Last Christmas” by Wham!  What are your favorites and are you listening to them yet?  (if not, join me! it’s fun, I promise.)

4. I went to the mall for the first time in a long time this week.  I found some pretty awesome things like sparkly boat shoes, a neon coral sweater, a marc jacobs bag that comes in my favorite hot pink and this belt that’s a cool $40.  (I know, that’s crazy…and I usually hate belts so you know there has to be something about it!)

5. Taylor graduated 2nd in her class!  RP said she should have been first because the dog above her never fully laid down  on the floor…that’s a dad for ya!  (ps, ignore my hair in this photo…unless you’re more interested in the fact that some of it is still pink!)


friday things

TGIF, you guys! I’m still working out how these Friday posts are going to go but I’m going to try my best to make sure they are posted regularly and full of fun things.

1. Washi tape.

Ever since I saw that post about livening up your light switches with washi tape, I’ve renewed my love for all things washi.   Using it to decorate things like clothes pins or for wrapping gifts.  Guys…I’m obsessed.

2. the ipad.

So, my husband & I were discussing hockey season (something he absolutely loves and I…well, I don’t like it) and somehow we concluded that while he’s watching games, I need an ipad.  Um, ok!  I’m down.  We’re talking about getting one after Christmas but I don’t think we’ll last that long.

I wanted a black one but now I’m kinda feeling the white one.  If you have an ipad, what are some of your favorite, cannot live without apps?  I.cannot.wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. shopping…for Christmas

I know it’s before Halloween but I’m one of those crazies who starts listening to Christmas music in September.  This year I decided I wanted to spread out the Christmas spending, so while I’ve been sick this past week I have bought 2 things for my husband, a couple of books for the kids on our list.  I’m on my way to ripping my hair out because I have no idea what to get for my cousin who has recently decided she’s grown up (at age 11) and became a tomboy almost over night.  HELP!

4. my hair.

It’s high time to get my butt to the salon.  (ok, it’s past high time.)   I’m still rocking what’s left of my pink highlights but my hair has grown out to look a bit weird.  (bless my husband who just doesn’t care and thinks it always looks nice.)  I’m not really concerned about the cut but the color.  I recently thought about going dark  again but with a kick of my favorite, red.  Here’s what I’m thinking…


I’m pretty excited to go dark again.  Do you have any plans to go dark and embrace this fall weather?

5. travel

I am just positively itching to go on a vacation.  Probably because I’ve spent the better part of the past 2 months with our new dog.  Training a puppy is hard work, y’all.  Good thing that she is cute.

I think if I could go anywhere right now in the US, I’d go to Boston or DC.  We went to Boston last winter for a few days to see my sister-in-law in her law competition and we fell in love.  (truth be told though, I already knew I loved it because how could not love the place that birthed the New Kids?!)

can I live in Beacon Hill please??

As for DC, I’ve wanted to go again for the past few years but this video from John Green really renewed spark.  (and I really want to see one of Mr. Rogers’ sweaters!)

Anyone wanna hop on a southwest flight with me to Boston or DC? 🙂

Dining area madness: curtains

Last time I was trying to decide between three shades of yellow for the chairs to be reupholstered.  I finally made a decision and decided on yellow.  The samples really helped.  That lemon peel was just plain ugly in person!

So now I’m free to think about curtains (and obsess over ideas for gallery walls).  I love the idea of bright & kitschy curtains, the tiered kind because we have an a/c unit in our window year around and I really don’t like staring at the cover, or the unit for that matter.

Not so old fashioned and country like that though.  Not that there’s anything wrong with old fashioned and country.  🙂

My mother-in-law said that making curtains would be easy, especially since we have only one window so I’m focusing on looking for fabric instead of ready made curtains.  I love to search tonic living and spoonflower because they have some amazing fabrics to choose from.  They’re fun, modern and have something for everyone.
So here are some of my favorites…

I love chevron but I struggle with how trendy it is. I’m not one who goes for trends but it bugs me that sooner or later it will be “out” thus making me feel like I need to update them sooner than I really want to. (which would really be until we move into another place.)

As you can see, there are lots of kitschy prints out there to confuse me.  The talent of people never ceases to amaze me.  Thank you for making beautiful things and making it possible for me to be confused by such lovely things like ice cream cone fabric.

Which one is your favorite?  Feel free to let me know…or if you think I’m totally crazy (and by crazy, I mean cute) for thinking these would work in a grown up home.

dining area madness

For those of you who don’t know, my husband & I moved into a new place at the end of July. A place that allows us to paint, have a dog and doesn’t make us stare at a brick wall from our window. Yay all around, right? Absolutely.

While our living room is I’d say about 75% done (just needing accessories like pillows and desk stuff as well as end tables and lamps…we’re waiting for the puppy to stop chewing for those last two.), our dining area is begging to have more things done to it. We have a table with chairs and an accent wall painted in this amazing color. We bought a nice chrome dinette because I just love vintage kitchens.

Once we moved in, I quickly started a pinterest board for our new place.  (naturally.)  I held off until we settled in a bit so I could research paint color and palettes.   Here are a few inspirations for the dining area:

So that icky red orange on the chairs just wasn’t working.  Luckily, my mother in law said that she would reupholster them for us.  I finally made a decision, after about a month and half of having the table.  (I told you, finally!)  I decided that I wanted the chairs to be white & yellow.  Here are the yellows that we are going to order samples for:

yellow, sun yellow & lemon peel

I’m thinking about bringing a few accent colors into the mix of the palette we have going right now of tuqouise, yellow & white.  Pink, coral…maybe even an apple or lime green.  I’m thinking about bringing any of those colors into the small area through using some cute kitschy curtains.  We need something to cover up the a/c window units that are there year around!  I definitely can’t keep my cute neon orange new kids on the block lunchbox in front of it forever. (even though I totally would, much to my mother’s dismay. She definitely did not approve of that centerpiece.  I have a feeling few would.)

We’ll talk curtains next time, though.  Until then, you can always follow me on pinterest! 🙂