friday five

Personally, I’ve always considered 13 a lucky number.  Not that it’s ever brought me luck or anything, so maybe I should say that it’s a favorite number.  Taylor Swift style. Seriously, if it were appropriate at my age to have a big 13 on my hand in magic marker, I probably would have a faded […]

happy 2013!

I saw this free printable of goals for the home on the inspired room.  Good idea, right?  Maybe if I admit these to others, it will hold me to my goals for our home this year and help me reach them.  Well, here’s hoping! One word for my home in 2013 clean The room I […]

the list: home

I won’t lie, this post is inspired by Oprah’s last favorite things.  Inspiration is everywhere!  I wish that I had the means to give out these gifts to an audience because believe me, I’d do it.  Giving is the best.  Hopefully, you find something for that someone who you just don’t know what to buy […]